More commonly referred to as reusable locking nut and sealing washers, this unique innovation has been designed and patented by KencoGold. We devised an advanced solution to the standard system of nut, washer and seal, which has been around for more than 100 years and still used today.


The problems faced by plants using the standard system included:

  • Inefficiency of having to handle 3 separate components
  • The components could only ever be used once, resulting in tonnes of waste
  • Loss of productivity from the difficult nature of removing the washer from the surface of the mill


We overcome all these issues by designing a single one-piece unit complete with an integral locking nut, that also acts as a jacking nut to allow removal of the washer assembly effortlessly, ready for the next installation.


The washers are available in the following generic sizes:

  • M24
  • M36
  • M42
  • M48
  • M52


They are also available in imperial and special sizes upon request.

To learn more about this innovative product and how it works, contact the creators at KencoGold.