With years of industry experience and trusted local expertise, Kenco Gold has delivered diverse projects throughout Western Australia and sites across Australia. Take a look at some of our latest projects below.


In an effort to maintain safety standards, KencoGold was responsible for rolling out a scope of safety upgrades across Donhad’s Perth, Newcastle and Townsville sites.


KencoGold managed the installation of a larger than life wire rope sling testing rig, with capabilities of measuring the tensile to break wire rope up to 200mm in diameter.

KCGM (Super pit)

KencoGold provides ongoing services to KCGM, with the most recently completed projects as follows:

  • Design, supply and installation of a ball mill (ball retaining grate)
  • Design, supply and installation of FIM SAG mill utilising Boltless Trunnion liners

The wear life for FIM SAG Trunnion mill liners was previously only 11 weeks. Following our assessment and installation, the lifespan of the mills has now increased to an incredible 2 years of continuous service.

Boddington Gold Mine

KencoGold was responsible for managing a mammoth project initiated by Abesque, which included overseeing the entire build and installation of over 100 tanks onsite.


The steel manufacturer reached out to KencoGold to manage a number of projects that involved:

  1. Installation of 2 large plasma cutters with dust and fume extraction
  2. Reclaiming of sump dam – this included the installation of an underground concrete tank farm for the commercial storage of heavy sheet plates (up to 350mm thick)
  3. Incoming power upgrade to the Onesteel site

Darlot Mine Site – Barrick

On behalf of Abesque, KencoGold efficiently carried out the complete installation of the Paster plant and surrounding access ramps.

MMG Rosebery Mine

KencoGold expertly redesigned the No1 scalping screen deck and rebuilt the spare screen on site.